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The following nanomedicines have been co-developed by the UBC NanoMedicines Research Group and industry partners:

 Drug  Trade Name  Indication  Status (2020)  Company
 LNP Amphotericin  Abelcet  Fungal infections  Approved US, Europe - 1995  Enzon/Canadian Liposome Company
 LNP Doxorubicin  Myocet  Metastatic breast cancer  Approved Europe, Canada - 2000  Cephalon/Canadian Liposome Company
 LNP Vincristine  Marqibo  Acute lymphoblastic leukemia  Approved US - 2012  Spectrum Pharmaceuticals/Inex Pharmaceuticals
 LNP siRNA TTR  Onpattro (Patisiran)  Transthyretin-induced amyloidosis  Approved US, Europe - 2018  Alnylam Pharmaceuticals/Acuitas Therapeutics
 LNP mRNA SARS Cov 2  Comirnaty  COVID-19 mRNA vaccine  Approved US, Europe - 2021  Pfizer/BioNTech/Acuitas Therapeutics