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LNP Delivery of Conventional Drugs

The aim of our research with respect to the encapsulation of conventional chemotherapeutics is to take advantage of the natural tendency of long-circulating LNP systems to accumulate at tumour sites (due to the Enhanced Permeability and Retention or EPR effect).

Our research focuses on designing LNP delivery systems which have optimized circulation lifetimes, to allow for an increased concentration of drug at the tumour site, and optimized drug release characteristics, to maximize the benefits of providing local sustained release of cell cycle-specific drugs at the site of disease. In addition, we are investigating ways in which to extend the LNP technology to drugs that currently are not amenable to loading and retention in LNP systems in attempt to increase the therapeutic index of already established drugs. Some strategies used to encapsulate conventional drugs include the use of chemical modifications to improve LNP-drug characteristics.